Member Spotlight: Capital Caring

Capital Caring Kids provides palliative and hospice care to children with advanced illness living in Prince George’s, Maryland, D.C. and throughout most of Virginia. Our centralized IDG is led by our Pediatric Palliative and Hospice Physician, Dr. David Steinhorn and our Pediatric Clinical Director, Robin Borges, RN. We have 11 regional offices each of which houses specially trained pediatric nurses, social workers and chaplains.

Capital Caring Kids hosts Virtual Pediatric Consultative Rounds led by our Capital Caring Kids Pediatric Hospice and Palliative Care Physician. These bi-weekly rounds allow us to coordinate the pediatric patients’ care with children’s specialists from Children’s National Medical Center, INOVA, Georgetown University Hospital, Pediatric Specialists of Virginia and other pediatric providers across the country. This complex care coordination improves communication among providers and provides expert consultation based on best practice for specific pediatric needs. Since initiating these virtual rounds, our pediatric hospice patients have experienced improved pain and symptom management and have required fewer hospitalizations.

This past year abstracts and studies produced by Capital Caring Kids have been accepted to AAPHM, CAPC, and AAP.

We are proud members of Alliance Kids and are actively engaged in enhancing care for little ones across our region.